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Holton Houston Builders Inc. Construction has been constructing Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings for our clients across Texas.

It is our mission to provide our customers with the absolute best customer service that we are capable of in every single Metal Building we construct. It is our responsibility to ensure our clients benefit from our free, value added, service of providing as much metal building construction industry information as necessary to ensure our clients feel comfortable and better prepared in choosing a partner to build their Metal Building with. A more informed customer is a more satisfied customer. Here at HHBI Construction we aim to provide you with the Prefab Metal Building YOU want at the lowest possible price without sacrificing any of our industry best product quality.

HHBI Construction is a design build Metal Building Contractor. This means we can provide our clients with the most complete building package that exists in the market. We have the capability to handle every single aspect of the Metal Building project for our customers from design, engineering, feasibility analysis, cost estimating, scheduling, ordering the building, handling delivery of the Metal Building, on site project supervision and project closeout. Our clients can rest assured knowing that there will be ONE team handling the project from start to finish with complete control of the process every step of the way.

HHBI Construction is one the leading Texas Metal Buildings Contractors. For over thirty years our focus has been providing our clients with the best customer service and lowest prices in the industry. We understand that many of our clients are not completely familiar with all the specifics about Metal Buildings. Which is why we go out of our way to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process. With HHBI Construction you have a partner who will not only provide you a price for your building, we also perform the design, engineering, procurement and oversee the construction until the project is done right.


Metal Building Types

Agricultural Barn Metal Buildings

When it comes to agricultural structures almost all agricultural buildings are made from steel. Pre Engineered Metal Buildings are designed to resist elements while protecting your investment. Metal Buildings provide everything they need in all aspects of farming. Metal Buildings are economical and easy to erect. Metal Buildings offer the maximum in design flexibility for your unique location of a metal building.

Airplane Hangars

Airplane hangars are a great example of an application perfectly suited for constructing a Metal Building. HHBI Construction has the experience in designing and building aircraft maintenance, FBO’s and other aviation facilities. We can provide an economical, high-quality product to meet your needs for large clear span areas, high eave heights, mezzanine office and lounge areas, whatever you need in an Aviation Metal Building.

Commercial Metal Buildings

HHBI Construction knows that appearance and working efficiency are central to successful Commercial Metal Buildings. The complete flexibility offered by our Company’s building systems for exterior appearance, together with convenient and inviting interior layouts, maximize usable space and provide a winning combination and solution for Commercial Metal Buildings needs. American Metal Buildings Company provides a versatile building solution. Their Metal Buildings can range from the basic to more sophisticated look and use of materials, while still providing quick turnaround of product and delivery.

Industrial Metal Buildings

HHBI Construction knows that maximized bay spacing is a key component of Industrial Metal Buildings. Long bay systems provide large areas of open floor space with few interior columns. Freedom from interior obstructions allows maximum use of space and operating efficiency. This offers a clean, uncluttered space, ideal for industrial Metal Buildings applications. In addition, Metal Buildings rigid frame design makes it possible to incorporate tilt-up, concrete, masonry, pre-cast, and metal walls into your Metal Building’s design. Metal Buildings combines long span capability and the economy of bar joists with the efficiency of tapered rigid frame members. The result is an Industrial Metal Buildings facility with wide open spaces at a price you can afford.

Manufacturing Metal Buildings

HHBI Construction knows precisely how to meet all of your functional and appearance requirements at the lowest possible initial and life costs. Our experience and high quality Metal Buildings allow you to incorporate cranes and other heavy equipment as is required in many manufacturing and industrial applications. The end result is an attractive, affordable facility that serves your needs and performs year after year. Pre Engineered Metal Building Systems really tend to outshine conventional construction systems in the manufacturing segment. With the specific design flexibility and energy efficiency Metal Building Systems carry as an advantage over conventional steel construction it is hard to argue against moving forward with a Metal Building in a manufacturing application.

Office Metal Buildings

Office buildings usually have many goals to accomplish. Not only must they provide efficient work space, but they need to create a favorable impression of your business in the eyes of clients or customers, employees, suppliers and visitors. The assured way to achieve every one of those objectives without compromise is with a Metal Building System with HHBI Construction. Our Metal Buildings are custom designed using the most advanced computer technology in the industry. Our factory fabricated components are easily erected, slashing on-site time and labor costs and giving your faster occupancy of your Metal Building.

Self Storage Metal Buildings

Our goal is to provide the customized self storage solution you’re looking for while minimizing the initial cost of your investment. Our advanced engineering capabilities provide design with fewer parts, and our smart, ready to construct systems provide a fast, economical way to build your next self storage project. Unlike most Metal Building Companies we can design, engineer and construct Metal Storage Buildings ranging from one to several stories and with a wide range of floor plan choices. We meet our customer’s needs in constructing their Metal Buildings that maximize space efficiency and increase rental income potential.

Transportation Metal Buildings Terminals

Today’s explosive growth in the tonnage of goods moved by trucks is transforming transportation terminals into major construction opportunities. There is no better or more economical way to meet the need for high-quality, state of the art transportation facilities than with a HHBI Construction Metal Building System. Our Metal Building Systems provide full layout flexibility and clear span capabilities to meet all the functional requirements of modern facilities. This includes maintenance and repair shops, fuel islands, restaurants, showers, laundry and lounge facilities, on-premise convenience stores, mail and package service drops, ATM machines, game rooms and more. Our Metal Building Systems ensure the attractive appearance that helps draw drivers business.

Warehouse Metal Buildings

Today’s Metal Building Systems from HHBI Construction can give your warehouse facility a high tech, attractive appearance, as well as meet your needs for rack storage, conveyor or other systems. Clear span spaces, long bays, mezzanines, high eave heights – any functional requirement can be met exactly. You get maximum usable storage capacity per square foot and maximum operation efficiency. Combined with any other material to meet your architectural appearance goals, HHBI Construction shortens design, fabrication and on site erection time dramatically, for major costs savings. For warehouse and distribution facilities with appearance and performance beyond the ordinary HHBI Construction has the proven answer.