Residential Demolition Services in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas


When it comes to residential demolition in Dallas, there is no business more trusted than Holton Houston Builders Inc.

At HHBI Inc., we provide an extensive list of client services to help support your project, including demolition, salvage and hauling. Whether you’re working with a private contractor or initiating a project on your own, we’re happy to work with you and your team to ensure the demolition process is handled accurately and safely.

Holton Houston Builders Inc. provides clients with a wide variety of services for their homes, including:

  • House demolition and teardowns: If you need to tear down all or part of your home before you can rebuild, turn to our experts for professional house demolition in Dallas. We will even help with cleaning up, hauling and sorting salvage after demolition is complete.
  • Driveways: When a driveway is cracked, sunken or damaged beyond repair, it may be time to call in a specialist for demolition. Driveway demolition allows you to break up misshapen asphalt and gives you the chance to repave on even ground.
  • Garages: Should your family decide to rebuild or remove your garage, our services can assist you with all of your demolition needs. Our licensed technicians can facilitate the demolition of your garage, handle clean up and sort through the wreckage to determine any recyclable parts.
  • Pools: Tearing up a pool can be a complicated process, and is best left to professionals who specialize in residential demolition. Our pool demolition services enable clients to renovate their backyards, and can be especially helpful for new homeowners or future sellers who are looking to improve the value of a home.


Starting your home improvement or construction project can be easy with help from the right contractors. For more information on how Holton Houston Builders Inc. can assist with your residential demolition needs, call our experts today at 972-427-8454.